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For 3 long years, Misotasty.com has  been  an empty holding page..I can’t quite believe that it is now so full and today,  Miso Tasty has finally launched!  No longer just in my imagination, Miso Tasty now has a home at misotasty.com.

You can now read ‘Making Miso Tasty’ over on the blog section of MisoTasty.com and this little blog will no longer be updated. Just subscribe through our official site to stay up to date with our news!

Hairnets have been consistently worn through the making of Miso Tasty.

Friends and family have witnessed  the countless false starts for Miso Tasty.  It’s not been easy, but we never thought of giving up.  I had no idea how hard it would be to develop an idea into a business; so much patience was required, and never daring to even think about giving up has been the key.


Yaser trying my miso soup recipe for the first time 3 years ago…

Back in the day, when I used to make miso by hand in a garage!

Back in the day, when I used to make miso by hand in a garage!

Equally important has been the Miso Tasty team; they believed in the idea  as much as I do and I couldn’t have got to this day without their continuing encouragement and enthusiasm. Even at moments when we were running out of options, we stayed positive and continued to believe that we were getting closer to bringing Miso Tasty to life.

To mark this momentous occasion, I have chosen some  golden moments over the last 3 years to share with you. Boy, we’ve come a long way!

Choosing spring onions is no simple task!

A spring onion beauty parade… more challenging than you would think!

Miso Tasty calling…!

Miso Tasty calling…!

Sporting very cool baseball-cap-hard-hats at a manufacturing visit.

When our machine broke down, we needed quite a bit of help!

All hands on deck at the manufacturing plant…

Our first ever Miso Tasty photoshoot!

Our first ever Miso Tasty photoshoot!

Enjoying Kareoke a bit too much in Tokyo

Enjoying Kareoke a bit too much in Tokyo

To keep us going, a decent amount of sake has passed through our lips...

To keep us going, a decent amount of sake has passed through our lips…

Bonnie and Yaser

We think we’re just so Japanese

Visiting the oldest miso store in Tokyo

Visiting the oldest miso store in Tokyo

hatcho miso 4

Visiting the oldest miso factory in Japan

Dhruv taste

Dhruv Baker, Masterchef winner tastes our miso soup!

Team Miso Tasty visiting our miso factory in Nagano, Japan.

Team Miso Tasty visiting our miso factory in Japan.

You can now read ‘Making Miso Tasty’ over on the blog section of MisoTasty.com.    As a long-standing subscriber to Making Miso Tasty, we would like to offer a special 20% discount on your first order at Miso Tasty – just enter SUBSCRIBEMISO at checkout. 

Thank you to everyone for supporting me through this journey, it is SO exciting to finally bring Miso Tasty to life, into the world! :)   Here’s to determination and hard work for making dreams come true.

See you over at the blog on misotasty.com !

Miso Magical: The Secret to our Miso Soups

One of the first things people ask me about our miso soups is ‘what makes your soup any different to anything else out there’? Well, I am going to let you in on an early secret…

Miso Tasty vibrant leaves

The trick to our superior flavour is in keeping the miso separate from the other ingredients, until just before you’re ready to enjoy. This makes us totally different from all our competition who put all their seaweed and flavourings in the same pack.  And guess what happens when you do that? Well, you only have to think about canned soups to know that when ingredients sit together for a long time, the taste and textures of the ‘bits’ simply detiorate and stale over time.

Miso - Garnish Pack - Vis - 2 - A

By keeping our ingredients separate to the miso, we preserve the fresh flavours of miso, we keep the vegetables bright green, leafy and with ‘bite’.  The umami flavours from our  kombudashi (kelp stock) are released just before you are ready to consume, that would otherwise be lost in the miso paste over time.

Check out what happens to the garnishes in the soups by our competition: (Not naming any names, but these are our main competitors on the market):

Itsu Paste with veg

Competitor Miso Soup

Clearspring paste

One of our main competitors !

Clearspring veg

Over time, the seaweed disintegrates in the miso, making it sloppy…The key is to keeping it separate

And here is the Miso Tasty soup, when made up. The vegetables have bite, colour and flavour.

Miso Tasty vibrant leaves

Our Miso Tasty Soup with vibrant leaves!

Miso Tasty lot of veg 2

Our spring onions are sweet, aromatic with ‘bite’ – unique against the compeition

Our wakame seaweed has a tender bite unlike our competition where they have disintegrated in the miso paste over time.

Today, we began to print the packs for our garnishes; it’s incredibly exciting to see these off the press:

photo 5

photo 1 photo 2

In the next month, our magical umami packs will be complete – The final piece to our puzzle!

It’s really happening! The packaging has arrived!

After a nervous couple of weeks, the wait is finally over…Our packaging mock-ups have arrived for our review!


Overall, I am really  happy with them!

Here are the single portion taster packs. This format is great for if you are on-the-go; all you need is a mug and a kettle. Our miso soups are a great accompaniment to your sandwich/sushi lunch at work, or as an alternative hot drink.


The photo does not show it off very well, but the logo is actually de-bossed and in a white gloss, to make the brand identity really stand-out.



If you find that you love our soups,  you may want to check out our 4-portion boxes of Miso Tasty miso soups, so you can always have some on stand-by in the cupboard at home or in the office.




Here’s how you make up our soups… it takes a little more effort than most miso soups, but trust me, it’s worth it!

“The trick to our superior flavour is in keeping the miso separate from the other ingredients, until just before you’re ready to enjoy. That’s why we’re different.”



And a sneak peak inside the boxes..

inside-spicy-retail-2       Retail-tops

We’re almost there! Thanks to everyone for their support, and for Stephen and Andy for helping us make such stunning packaging that we are proud of. We would love to know what you think too – Please write your comments in the box below.

Miso Tasty Packaging! Tell us what you think!

What you have all been waiting for..a preview of our long-awaited packaging designs!

We wanted to create something classy and memorable. Fun, but with integrity. Like opening up a special gift from the Far East; we wanted it to feel special.  We are about to get all these  mocked-up  for further feedback but first, we wanted to know what YOU think dear readers and fans!?

PLEASE  write in the comments section at the bottom any thoughts you might have!


Classic Shiro Single

First up, here is a single serving of our Miso Tasty Classic Shiro Miso Soup for when you are on-the-go.

Our approach? Where there is a kettle, there will be Miso Tasty soups!

Inside Single Miso Soup

Inside the single-serve box…

The Classic Shiro miso soup is sweet and gentle in its flavours; it is comforting yet light.  You may have tried a similar soup in Japanese restaurants; that’s why we have called it the ‘classic’.

Next, this format is for the retail stores. A box of 4 servings of Miso Tasty Classic Shiro Miso Soups…

Classic Shiro Retail

We are launching first with 2 recipes: Classic Shiro (as above) and the Spicy Aka with nanami chillies and sancho pepper for the more adventurous; the spice builds with every sip.

Spicy Aka Retail

They will sit inside trays like this inside stores so that  they don’t topple over…

Classic Shiro x 10 with outer

Miso single x 12 with outer

Looking forward to your comments :)

  • what is the impression that these boxes give you?
  • Where might you find it in the supermarket?
  • Would you pick it up off the shelf if you saw this in a shop?

What’s So Great about Miso?

This is a question I am  often asked – What is my obsession with one ingredient?!


Well there is plenty great about miso, I will have you know.

First off, is the TASTE! (clue is in title of the company). It’s like someone asking  why one might set up a chocolate company, or an icecream company…its obvious isn’t it? It tastes magnificent!

2013-07-10 04.09.41

To me, miso is the tastiest flavour ever. I have always been more of a savoury person and you don’t get more savoury umami-richness than miso. Miso has a deep moorish taste that is – if you get good miso! – balanced with sweet and salty tones that are simply delicious. Like a good salted caramel, the dimensions of flavour is addictive. Below are some of the many colours and flavours of miso:

Light_colored_miso Red miso White miso

Here is Yaser, my business partner having a whiff of the pungent miso, in a miso store in Tokyo.


Bonnie in shop 2

Next, miso is natural and nutritious to the body. There are 100′s of health claims out there but what I stand by is that miso is kind to the body; whenever I eat it, I feel nourished inside – like drinking chicken soup! The below table illustrates some of the nutritional benefits of miso.


Source: Hikari Miso

Made from wholefoods soy beans and rice mainly, it is high in antioxidants and has been proven to be great for the stomach because it is so rich in digestive enzymes.  This explains why miso soup is served at the end of meals in Japan – to aid digestion.


Koji Bacteria; an essential ingredient for fermenting soy beans into miso paste

You may have read reports claiming  miso’s ability to prevent  certain cancers and to help us live longer. Sometimes I am dubious; there are  varying degrees of real evidence backing these claims up, but with the Japanese being one of the oldest populations in the world with their diet rich in miso, it can’t be doing any harm, can it?!

So on balance, I like to believe the hype!

Miso has a truly distinctive flavour range that will be celebrated through our products at Miso Tasty. I am certain that once you start getting into miso like me, you will begin to crave it like I do. We see it as an Ancient Superfood that tastes GREAT – what’s not to love?

We’re suitable for Vegetarians!

vegsocWe are very happy to be approved by the Vegetarian Society today! Both our recipes passed the test, and we will soon be sporting an ‘approved by the vegetarian society’ logo on our packaging – hoorah!

It is important to us that our products are vegetarian because traditionally miso soups are made with a fish stock called bonito  (Katsuobushi).  This gives miso soup a distinctive flavour that is not to everyone’s taste, and sadly means that many vegetarians are unable to enjoy miso soup.


Kombu seaweed for making our vegetarian-friendly dashi

Instead, we have gone to extreme lengths to source an umami-rich vegetable stock, called kombu as the base of our miso soups. And unlike most dashi (Japanese stocks) out there, ours is free from added MSG. In fact, for the food geeks; kombu has the highest level of umami in any given food ingredient, which helps to explain our delicious Miso Tasty flavours.

We worked with the lovely Ben Orlowski-Hatton at the Vegetarian Society to attain approval where we provided a thorough set of technical specifications for our products for review. Apart from being able to use their logo on our products, the society also offer brilliant marketing opportunities too, so we are very pleased to be associated with this organisation.

Miso Tasty want to make delicious miso accessible to everyone, and being suitable for the vegetarian diet is important to us. Thank you VegSoc!